Email marketing and small business

Email marketing and small business


Small business owners often assume that small business email marketing isn’t effective — and that email is just for the big guys. They speculate that you probably need thousands of customers and millions of dollars in revenue to generate an email list big enough to justify putting any effort into it.
But they’re wrong!

Launching your small business email marketing strategy in 4 easy steps:

1. Email list building
2. Planning out the types of emails you need
3. Email design and content creation
4. Sending the campaign and studying the results

1. Start building your list
Before you start sending out emails, you need to have contacts to send those emails to.
In order to so that, you need to set up lead capture forms on your website. Be sure to include text that explains what users are signing up for when they give you their email.


2. Decide which emails you want to send
Now that you’ve started to grow your list of contacts, it’s time to decide which types of emails you want to send.

3. Create your email designs and content
After planning out the emails you want to send, you’ll need to actually create the content and email designs.
The key to this step is to always keep your customer and the goal of your email campaign in mind. You want the content of your message to be clear and add value for your customers and the goal or action that you want them to take should be very clear.

4. Press send and analyze the performance to improve future campaigns
If you think you’re done once you hit “send,” think again!

Email marketing provides a unique opportunity to learn from your customers. You should always be analyzing the performance of your emails regarding your email marketing KPIs.

Are you using email marketing in your company?

09 Nov, 2019