5 ways how Eye Tracking can impact your business

5 ways how Eye Tracking can impact your business



“The use of eye tracking now opens up the possibility of measuring authentic behavior from the point of view of the subject. This adds a new perspective and unique insights into how young people perceive their world and behave within it.”
Dr. Simone C. Ehmig , Head of the Institute for Reading and Media Research.

Eye-tracking is the monitoring and measurement of eye activity. Using a special device or tool call eye tracker or eye tracking . In short, it measures emotions that eyes reflect.

Here are 5 way how eye tracking can impact your business.

1-Media Advertisements

Allow marketers to determine where their target audience is looking for and how long. Consequently, prevent creating unnecessary ad spending.

2- Email Campaigns

A lot of effort is put into email campaigns, from content to the graphic design. Eyes tracking can help you better determine where to place your links, calls-to-action, and more.

3- Web Presence 

It’s great to have a web presence. But what about providing information or content that your audience is looking for? Through the use of eye-tracking technology, marketers and designers can better determine how the average user navigates thought your web site.

4- Provide accurate user data.

Consumers tend to behave according to a certain pattern. Through eye tracking, marketers or any decision-maker will have all necessary information about their customers because the focus will be on their natural, subconscious and habitual

5- consumer’s decision-making process.

Eye-tracking can also help you determine key factors that drive the customer’s decision to purchase a product or service. What finally convinced him to buy it? Is it the choice of words you used in your product poster, or is it the image you used on the label or packaging of the product itself?

As consumer habits are always changing, eyes tracking gives you the unique possibility to exactly know what your customer want. So now it’s up to you to give them what they want.


11 Dec, 2018