3 reasons why your web site needs Google Analytics

3 reasons why your web site needs Google Analytics

Let’s imagine that you own an e-commerce website without having the possibility to have these pieces of information (hours of connection, pages visited …) on your customers. That’s the main importance of Google analytics.

Analytics is a great tool to read and analyze the data of people checking your site.
We will present you several advantages of this tool and reasons to use it.

1- Analyze your visitors

Analytics allows tracking your visitors where ever they are, base on their:
The device
The browser

2- Performance of your site

Analytics can help you improve your web site performance depending on:
The rebound rate
Pages / sessions
The time spent on your website
The conversion rate
The conversions made
The speed of the site

3- Origin of the traffic

Analytics can help you identify your traffic source from:
Direct traffic
Organic research
Paid search
Other websites
Social networks
E-mailing campaign

All these data show you the type of improvement you should do on your web site.

With all these statistics, it’s not always easy to set up for beginners and for people who crucially are missing time. That’s why our analytics experts will help you configure and analyze all your data, and also improve the performance of your site and boost your sales.

26 Nov, 2019