6 rules to apply if you want to develop an e-commerce site.

6 rules to apply if you want to develop an e-commerce site.


As you know, building a website is an art, it’s not just about assembling code and putting it online. If Amazon has to spend more than half a million dollars to develop their website, it has a good reason.

1- Define the location.

You can’t develop a worldwide e-commerce web site as you will develop a local one. it’s very important at the beginning to know for who you will develop your site.

2- Choose a good CMS.

Depending on your budget, you can choose to design your web site or choose a CMS that will help you manage your admin panel effectively.

3- Set call to action button.

As any sales strategy user need some tools that will excite him to make the sale. here is the key role of CTA button. CTA button helps user purchase on your website. But to be more effective, the CTA button must be put correctly and at a special place.

4- Apply analytics.

To track your customer’s Data here is the key element. As you spend dollars to build your web site, it’s also important to know the customer journey on your web site.

5- Set up your newsletter.

To keep them in touch with Uptade We have all receive advertising paper when we visited a local store, in e-commerce, it’s the same, once a user or potential customer visits your website is also important that he must not leave your site with an empty hand. Set tools that can keep him in touch with the updates, discount..etc but without boring him.

6- Send a satisfaction survey

After the purchase, is important to know the opinion of your customers to improve their user experience in your web site.

Feel free to apply all these rules and lets us know how it’s work for you.

22 Nov, 2019