7 Tips for a successful phone call.

7 Tips for a successful phone call.

1- Set the Customer Profile

Before starting a conversation, it’s important to have as much information as possible about your customer. For that, look at his company’s website, check his profile on social networks, check previous projects, without digging too much.

2- Draw the Psychological Profile.

Once all preliminary information is available on your client, it is important to draw up his psychological profile. This will allow you to have the emotional keys on which to rely to convince him.

3- Ask questions

During the conversation instead of accepting all that he will tell you, after listening to him ask questions usually prepared in advance. Questions are a sign of interest to your client.

4- Always smile

The smile is a fatal weapon that allows you to regulate the conversation, and relax a bit the atmosphere during negotiations. By doing that you can appreciate the emotional state of your customer.

5 – Do not talk about the Price

Indeed it depends on the call if it is a call to close a deal of course that in this case, you can. But for the first call never talk about the price, always nuance and make it clear to the customer that your interest is primarily the realization of his idea or his project.

6- Make Suggestions

After listening to your prospect, make suggestions is proof that you have understood his need and you master the subject.

7- Make another appointment

A prospect will always be interested to talk or meet again with someone with whom the communication was ok the first time and during this second appointment, you must come out the big game.

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27 Nov, 2019