8 advice before choosing your internet provider

8 advice before choosing your internet provider

Change web hosting providers in 2020 and use these 8 principles to find a better one. The way these billions of websites are on the Internet is that they are all hosted on physical servers connected to the Web.
In this article, we offer tips on finding the ideal host to go to.

1- Perform a reputation scan

any hosts offer their services online. Many of them are efficient and dedicated to providing the best possible customer experience, but other hosts are not. Of course, no bad host will announce on his site that he is bad. They will promise you the moon and the stars and when your credit card is debited, they will burn you. To avoid losing your hosting experience, look for the reputation of any hosting provider you plan to connect to on the dotted line. Online reviews of Internet users must indicate what can be expected.

2-Look at the prices

One of the main reasons why people pass by the web hosting provider is that they want to enjoy better prices. If you believe you are paying too much to host your website, you will want to make saving a top priority in your changeover plan.

The price of the hosts is not too difficult to find. Just visit a host’s website to advertise the rates on the front page.

3- Beware of promotions

One of the worst aspects of buying a web host is the bait pricing system it uses. You know what we’re talking about. A host has a good price in front of you and, 12 months later, when your account is automatically renewed, your price magically increases by 400%.

To make sure you are not caught off-line by promotional rates, understand the cost of your web host when you renew your purchase and make purchases based on that price rather than their low initial promotional rates.

4- Consider the upgrade options

Different websites have different hosting needs. As your website grows, you may need to switch from one type of hosting package to another.
Therefore, choosing a host that offers hosting plans that you can easily develop is a big advantage.

5- Think about customer service

Many things can go wrong on your website. Your host’s customer service team can make these problems a breeze or a nightmare.
Read reviews about a host’s customer service team. If you see that their group seems to be a useless person who is transmitting problems and is not based in the country, you would do well to avoid this.

6 – Get the whole story on Unlimited

Almost all hosts offer bandwidth, storage space, subdomains, and so on. Unlimited. What they don’t tell you is that they reserve the right to ruin your site if they feel you are taking more of your market share. Resources. Ask your potential hosting provider’s policy to take full advantage of its unlimited services. If they tell you that they will slow down your site or put it offline if you resize it too quickly, go ahead.

7- Always go with a cause

When you change your web hosting, try switching to a host that ticks the boxes we’ve discussed so far and offers a try. Any host that doesn’t want to use its services by offering a trial period or a money-back guarantee is probably trying to get your money and get out of it.

8- Daily Back-up

As we don’t what can happen always check if your hosting company offer daily backup to avoid the consequences of potential hacking


27 Nov, 2019