How Bot Can Impact Your Business?

How Bot Can Impact Your Business?

A bot is a small program or software robot that “scours” the Internet to collect different types of information or automatically perform certain tasks. A very large number of bots “flood” internet.

In the marketing and e-commerce contexts, there are “authorized” bots used for visible actions (indexing, price statements, automatic replies, like …) and “unauthorized” bots called bad bots that correspond to activities or practices most often fraudulent or unethical (creation of fake profile, like fictional, fictitious followers …).

The most well-known legitimate bots (Good bot) are those of the search engines that allow them to index web pages browsed on the Internet (indexing robot / Google bot / Facebook bot). The term bot is also used to refer to the most recent evolution of chat robots or chatbots.

Bad bots can be created and used to simulate human behaviour on web pages (consultation, form completion, social media registration …), for click fraud on performance marketing programs (CPC, affiliate, commercial links), to produce content on social networks (social bot) and for many other uses.

Base on that we can say that bot has a huge impact on business because they help with task automation such as automated chat, automatics reply to customers, indexing..etc…You can use bots to automate chats on social networks, websites and optimize relationships with your customers.

If you want to boost your business by creating a bot adapted to your activities, contact us.

02 Dec, 2019