5 reasons how Bot can impact your business?

5 reasons how Bot can impact your business



Bots are software programs that “scours” the Internet to collect different types of information or automatically perform certain tasks. In the marketing contexts, there are “authorized” bots used for positive actions (indexing, automatic replies, like …) and “unauthorized” bots called bad bots that correspond to bot specialize in fraudulent activities or unethical (creation of a fake profile, fake followers, fake account …)

To date, bots can help businesses automate and optimize tasks in their customer support services. Here are the reasons why you should use a bot in your business:

1- Deliver customer support

Bots can be developed to do what customer service agents do like answer a chat message. bots are especially helpful if your business involves giving information that’s commonly requested by people who use your service.

2- Provide payment options for your customers

You can now also leave bots to receive payments from your customers. e.a Telegram Messenger platform is accepting payment now through chatbots.

3- Sell your goods and services

From retails to distribution services, bots can be used to help you sell your product online. If you’re an entrepreneur, building a bot for your company is especially recommended to help you manage your time while maximizing your opportunities to earn. Since bots can be made available 24/7, there’s no opening or closing hours associated with physical stores that may limit your business’s opportunity to make sales.

4- Use data to know your customers, develop your brand, and deliver personalized service.

The bot can keep a history of customers’ so-called digital footprints such as purchasing patterns and search history— This can help your company customize its future interactions with clients. Also, the bot can be used to quiz your customers’ about your product preferences, giving you valuable insights about your market. You can then build a business model that can deliver what your customers specifically need, or make improvements to your product line to make it stand out from the competition.

5- Engage your leads and customers

Once people connect with your bots, you can use it as an opportunity to engage them and keep them in your environment. So, aside from responding to basic questions and commands, your bots are better off making engaging conversations and creating memorable experiences for your customers.

There are many benefits of bots, some of which have been described in this post. Businesses have saved a lot of money while increasing more sales and conversion rate with the help of Chatbot.

12 Dec, 2018