Web agencies VS Freelance

Web agencies VS Freelance

Some of our prospects hesitate between using a web agency or a freelance. When they ask our opinion on the question, here is what I answer.

Web agency or freelance:

In general, cooperation not only implies task execution requested by the client but a comprehensive approach to solve its problems. This means that the job will not only create a beautiful website or application but also achieve a high conversion rate, increase sales or reduce costs.

Even at the commercial offer stage, a web agency can perform an analysis of your market, your target and your competitors and offer you an optimal variant of cooperation.

Freelance – it’s your hands, but not your head. They will do everything you ask. But they will not think of your place to offer the best solution, they will also not do the job description and will not establish specifications. To work with a freelance you have to manage development: put detailed tasks, check deadlines and quality of execution.

Advantage (+ ) and inconvenience (- )of an agency:

+++ Level of expertise

++ Low risk

+++ Acceptable quality

+++ Mastery of several languages

A little more expensive

Advantage (+ ) and inconvenience (- ) of a freelance:

+++ Prices

+++ Large selection

—- High risks

Work quality

Test quality

Complexity in task coordination

In short, an agency will bring you its expertise and thoughtful approach to development while a freelance will bring a fast and relatively cheap job.

And you? are you going to work with a freelance or with a web agency?

02 Dec, 2019